Our First Real Bride, Lisa

… And what a dream bride she was! 

Lisa, her mom and cousin will always hold a special place in my heart. Lisa was one of my first brides to say yes to her dress just after I opened the store. Lisa had a very definite sense of what she wanted when she arrived but actually ended up going for something completely different! That age old advice about coming with an open mind works! As soon as Lisa tried on her Agata Wojtkiewicz dress and dazzled us we could all see she was feeling the vibes!

Lisa married her beau Luke in the picturesque Dromquinna Manor in October. Liza choose a Maria Fekih veil Noomi veil to compliment her dress, with it’s Spanish signorita vibes it is definitely our favourite veil in store. Add some dusty pink suede Jimmy Choos, bad-ass earrings and a killer smile and we had a knockout bride on our hands!

Thank you Lisa for choosing your dress with me and for including The White & Gold in your love story ♥

Photography credit : Into The Light Project

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