How to Store Your Wedding Dress

If you are reading this because you have recently had to postpone your wedding I really feel for you. Keeping our nation safe is obviously everyone’s priority but it doesn’t take any of the sting away from having to push back what is such an anticipated life milestone. Be assured that when your wedding does roll back around everybody will be more than ready to party… your wedding will basically be like a year’s worth of nights out for most people!

If you are one of the lucky brides who recently got married, a huge congratulations, all the below information is relevant for you and your dress. So you might have your dress in storage for a year or more – where do you put it?

I recommend finding a dark dry spot, preferably a wardrobe and most importantly out of direct sunlight (sunlight will bleach and fade colours and it will definitely yellow any beading work). Make sure your storage spot is free from any damp or musty odours. Get that dress hanging up by it’s dress ribbons, never it’s straps as that will stretch out the dress. Alternatively you can fold it very loosely with some acid free tissue paper between the fold and store it flat in it’s garment bag. Lay it completely flat in it’s garment bag if you have the space. If you dress came in protective plastic wrapping you should remove this and allow that dress to breathe. Hang onto that plastic for when you are moving that dress between venues for your wedding day. Although rain on your rescheduled wedding day would just be cruel! Veils can also be stored hanging up or loosely folded over, again out of direct sunlight.

As difficult as it will be, try to refrain from peeking in on your dress too much. Instead, think back to the excitement you felt during your bridal appointment when you realised you were standing in THE dress. Trends come and go so remember you chose a dress based on how it made you feel and how it suited your shape and personality… Your dress will be just as much of a knock-out as you remembered it!

Stick with one or two of your favourite bridal accounts on Instagram and stop following the rest. Your favs will keep you updated on hair, accessory and venue styling inspo that’s your vibe, the rest will just wreck your head!   If you bought your dress from The White & Gold you will have had your alterations booked well in advance. Make contact with your alterations, let them know your new date and get  inked into their calendar. They will be extra busy next season and I want you securely booked in! It is a good idea to get your dress out at least two months before your wedding, try it on and see how it fits. If you piled on a few pounds during our lockdown don’t stress we will all definitely be feeling you! You have lots of time and just need to put the chocolate or/and wine down and pick up those trainers! Your alterations will tweak your dress to perfection and will ensure it is beautifully pressed and steamed for you. I would avoid dry cleaning it before your wedding unless you feel it is very necessary. I hope these little tips will help reassure you your dress is going to be okay. Mine is going into it’s 5th year in a bag in my wardrobe and is as good as new.  

If anyone has any further questions just get in touch. And remember, keep the excitement alive – your wedding will be magical ♥

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