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Meet our beautiful bride Kirsty, who celebrated her wedding St Columbus church in Ennis. The reception was at the beautiful Armada Hotel in Spanish Point. Kirsty’s dress was absolutely the one from the moment she tried it on, she looked sensational in it! We asked Kirsty some questions about her wedding style, how she knew her dress was the one for her and if she has any advice for other brides-to-be. 

Kristy, our Lucy dress from Alexandra Grecco was just perfect on you! Was it the style you had in mind for yourself? How did you know it was the dress for you?

I always wanted my dress to be modern, simple, fitted. So, it was the style I set out looking for but was surprised I loved the ruffles so much it was that something extra on a simple dress I was looking for but didn’t know it before I saw it. White and Gold was the first bridal shop I went to so it was one of the first dresses I tried on and loved it straight away. I went to lots of other shops. I then went back to White and Gold of the Alexendra Grecco trunk show. I loved so many of her dresses but there was something special about the Lucy dress. The way I felt in it, I never wanted to take it off.

Who did you bring to your bridal appointment? Did they help you decide on your dress?

 My older sister who also got her dress at White & Gold came with me for the first appointment and my little sister was with me when I officially picked it. So got both their approvals. My sisters and Mum where with me the day I pick it up which everyone at White and Gold make us feel so special, it was just one of the best days. 

What would you say was your overall wedding style?

I didn’t really think too much about the over aesthetic a lot when picking what I wanted for the day. I just went with things I liked. I wanted it to be modern and tried to cut down on waste and pick thing that I could use again. I went for small orange trees at the front of the church, which on now at the front doors to our home. I also went for dried flowers which are also on display in our house. I loving telling people they were my bridal flowers when they comment on them.  Looking back, I think it was modern and relaxed look. 

How did you accessorise your dress? Tell us all the jewellery and shoe details!
When picking up my dress I tried the Nell gold Crown by blue meadow and loved it, once I had that I decided to keep the rest simple. I wore a pearl drop necklace Eoin ( the groom) had given me and borrowed my sister’s veil which as it happened was the same designer as my dress. For my shoes I choose dark navy velvet sandals with a gold heel from Flordeasoka, they were so comfortable that I also wore them for day two. I know not your traditional bridal shoe but have already worn them since the wedding and the make me smile every time I wear them.

Any underwear tips for our brides to be?

The H&M Shorts are the best for not giving a top seam and Spanks are the best for not giving a side seem. So, pick which ever suit your dress best. I went with The H&M ones but get these early as the tended to sell out fast. 

Any special moments you treasure from the day?

The few seconds we had together after walking out of the church before everyone one came out of the church was so special. Just to have a few words with everyone not looking at us. 

If you could give brides-to-be one piece of solid advice? 

Figure out what in important to you. Don’t spend money on things you don’t care about just because you think you should.

Who did your hair, make up and photography?

Hair Natalie O’Brien bridal hair – I have very fine hair which is hard to keep any style in it. So was absolutely over the moon with how my hair held up on the day. Natalie is truly amazing. 

Make up Aisling k real Beauty – So lovely and really listened to how I wanted to look ono the day. 

Photography Darren Kirwan – Love the pictures from Darren, he even edited family pictures so everyone looked great.

If you had bridesmaids where did you choose their dresses from?

 I got them in Zara, I really wanted a more relaxed look so a lot of the traditional bridesmaids shop didn’t have what I wanted.

How did you find your experience at The White and Gold? 

 It was amazing. It’s really is the only shop I went to where is lived up to experience you have in your head. From the welcome board to the bubbles, shop setting and the beautifully kept dresses. That is not to mention how quick you are made feel at ease having the chats and giggles.

Thank you for your extremely kind words Kirsty. It was such a pleasure meeting you and your gorgeous mom and sisters (again 🙂 ) and helping you find your dream dress. I am so thrilled you chose to be part of our White & Gold gang and we all wish you both a lifetime of happiness together ♥ Sorcha

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