Meet our beautiful bride Kayleigh who was our first bride to celebrate their wedding in Vegas! Kayleigh’s dress was not what she originally had in mind when she visited us but we all had that huge yes this is the dress moment as soon as she tried in on! Kayleigh looks like a total knockout in her photos… we absolutely adore this dress on her!  

We asked Kayleigh some questions about her wedding style, how she knew her dress was the one for her and if she has any advice for other brides-to-be. 

Kayleigh, our Iris dress from Alexandra Grecco was just perfect on you! Was it the style you had in mind for yourself? How did you know it was the dress for you?

I was very surprised really as in my head the dress I envisioned was totally different to the one I fell in love with, I wish I could wear it again. I knew I was going to purchase my wedding dress in the white and gold before I even went down there and said this to my mother in law and it was the first dress I tried on in the shop and knew immediately it was the dress for me. 
Who did you bring to your bridal appointment? Did they help you decide on your dress?
For my bridal appointment I bought my mother in law and sister in law and my 8 week old baby Rosie,

What would you say was your overall wedding style?

My wedding style in my head was to have it simple and timeless and less was more as I felt like less make up and more natural was something I focused on and I wanted my dress to do the talking.

How did you accessorise your dress? Tell us all the jewellery and shoe details!

I got everything in The White and Gold, from my Loeffler Randall shoes which were so comfortable, to my bag and Stella crown head piece, and also my matching Iris veil. My crown is something I wanted to wear from when I first imagined I would get married it was just perfect.

Any underwear tips for our brides to be? 

My underwear was seamless and didn’t need any bra as my dress was backless and it wouldn’t of suited me if I had a big chest so being small chested had its perks.

Any special moments you treasure from the day?

My favourite part of my day was when I walked up the aisle to my husband and his face lit up it’s something I will never forget and made me feel like I was the only person in the world right then.

If you could give brides-to-be one piece of solid advice? 

My one bit of advice to any bride from my own experience is to enjoy every minute of it all from the first appointment, to the first day of married life it’s a whirl wind of emotion but all good.

Who did your hair, make up and photography? 
As my wedding was in vegas I did my own make up and my sister in law did my hair as I felt like I had no opportunity to have a trail make up session done and I couldn’t take a risk, but thankfully it worked out and I was more than happy on the day. We had a photographer in the chapel, but all the rest were off my phone it was a risky move but again they turned out fab.

If you had bridesmaids where did you choose their dresses from?

I had two bridesmaids –  my own sister Gillian and my sister in law Melissa, I went simple as well with their dresses and purchased them both off Silkfred and they were perfect on them for a Las Vegas wedding.

How did you find your experience at The White and Gold? 

My experience as a whole in The white and gold was just amazing, from the small touches to my name being on the board to the 5 star treatment from Sorcha and her staff. I would recommend them to anyone getting married, and the quality of the dresses and styles is gorgeous! I wish I could do it all over again.

Thank you for your extremely kind words Kayleigh. It was such a pleasure meeting you and all your gorgeous family. I loved seeing how close you and your mother-in-law were. It was an honour to help you find your dream dress. I am so thrilled you chose to be part of our White & Gold gang and we wish you both a lifetime of happiness together ♥ Sorcha

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